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Roger Antúnez

Co-Founder and CEO
I have built my career as a tech entrepreneur in the Media/Broadcasting sector mainly through Hardware startups. Most recently as Co-Founder and CEO at FIRSTVISION, my focus is on Sports Broadcasting were our team has brought to the market the first Body-Camera that Players can safely wear in Professional Sports Leagues, allowing fans to enjoy on TV the best Live Action straight from the Players Point-Of-View.

During our first 3 years we have been the first company (and so far the only one) providing Body-Cameras to Players during official games of world-top competitions in Basketball (Euroleague Basketball), Handball (ASOBAL), Ice-Hockey (EC RedBulls), Soccer (LaLiga Women) or Athletics. We have proudly brought the TV audience to places were they had never been before, seeing for the first time how Players score from the triple line, win jump balls, score goals, stop penalties, fight for the puck in the ice-rink, and actually win national gold medals.

We are still in the very early days of this huge challenge, every day the story gets more exciting, and every day is worth fighting to make possible the impossible.