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Domingo Asuero

Gas Natural Fenosa
Head of Innovation Development Dept.
Domingo Asuero is responsible to enhance innovation through all the organisation of Gas Natural Fenosa Group.
His team is working very hard to provide all corporate mechanisms to allow the existing inner talent flourishes and to detect and contact the outer talent through our open innovation iniciatives.
Gas Natural Fenosa has settle a set of innovation areas where all innovation efforts of the Group are focused:
1. Optimised solutions for GNL bunkering
2. Volume and quality of GNL measurements
3. Railway GNL mobility
4. Wind farms monitoring architecture
5. Electrical systems ancillary systems and renewable power generation
6. Sustainable Natural Gas
7. Energy network automation
8. Smart management for energy networks
9. Distributed generation and self-consumption
10. Smart client
11. Innovative energy solutions
12. Electrical vehicles
13. Robots and drones assisted activities
14. Virtual and augmented reality operations
If you have some product/solution in one of these areas, Domingo is interested to contact you.